Saturday, June 14, 2008

Remembering Dad on Father's Day

It’s been 7 years since my dad passed away. But it seems it was just yesterday since I last saw him. He died of cancer. It was a terrible ordeal not just for him but for us, his family, too. He was 51 years old. He would have turned 52 July that year had he not passed away in February. Yeah, he was still young. It was supposedly the peak year of his life. He never even saw me and my brothers got married. He did not even see his granddaughter born. He retired from his work after 30 years because he got this Big C. Too bad! He worked his ass out just to get sick. It was so unfair….But who said life is fair anyway?

My dad was a great man. He was a great dad. Being the youngest and only girl in our family, I was tagged as Daddy’s girl. But for me, in my eyes, he cared a lot not only for me but for my brods as well. Among the 3 of us, I was very vocal to say what I wanted to say to him. And being the only girl, and youngest, too, of course he was extra cautious in everything that I do or might happen to me. Unlike my brothers, he felt that they could take care of themselves or they have nothing to lose or some kind to that effect…

One time, I had issues about myself. I can’t seem to recall what transpired then. I remember I was too depressed and when I talked to him over the phone, I was wailing over some nonsense issues, sobbing and crying my heart out. Not thoroughly comforted, I drank the whole grande of pilsen beer. My brothers were actually arguing the following day of who drank the whole thing, and neither of them admitted that they had it. And neither of them believed that I did it, too, hehe. Anyway, when my dad traveled back home, he gave to me his acoustic guitar to keep me company. He told me to take good care of it and just play it when I feel lonely. Until now, the guitar’s with me and even the strings were not replaced yet. I do use it not only when I feel down but even when I’m in good mood.

There were so many wonderful things to say about him. But meantime, I’ll just say a little. It’s father’s day and I want to give extra thought of him on this very special day. And I would like to share to you the one of the poems I made for him when he died titled "How Long?" I'll just publish the rest soon...

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