Monday, April 7, 2008


I’m not bookish but I love reading interesting novels. I was 12 years old when I first read Sweet Dreams book entitled P.S. I LOVE YOU, but I can hardly recall what it was all about. In high school, it seemed everyone was crazy about Sweet Valley High – until I joined the craze. Reading that book somehow released peer pressure at school. Sometimes, I would identify some characters in the book with my classmates, especially the flirty and scheming twin of Elizabeth, Jessica. But she was too pretty to compare to a villainous classmate whom I dislike…Thank God for that book, even though corny as it was, it helped me unload the pressures at school.

Another book that I read in High School was Emily Brontë’s Wüthering Heights. Our English teacher actually required us to read those kinds of books. She also recommended ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ and Jane Eyre, but I chose Wüthering Heights. And, oh my! It was in old English. But then I managed to finish reading it. It was only later that I learned to appreciate the book when it was translated into modern English and was later made into film. Now, I’m hoping to own copy of her book.

I came to appreciate novels when I was in College. A friend first introduced Sidney Sheldon’s MASTER OF THE GAME. At first, I refused to borrow it. I was discouraged when I saw how very thick it was (It was a hardbound copy). Upon her insistence, and after telling me how great the book was, I agreed. Besides, she told me to return it anytime I wanted to, as long as I read the book. So, why should I refuse?

But miracle of miracles, after reading the book, I didn’t want to close it anymore. Kate Blackwell was a genius – but also a bitch. Alexandra was such a naïve but lucky girl and Eve was just a plain psychopath, I wanna choke her! Finally, I surrendered reading the book at 3 in the morning. However, as soon as I got up from the bed, I continued reading the book, line by line, page by page, cover to cover. OMG! It was absolutely entertaining, the author was brilliant, it was superb! I read that book 4x since then. And that started my affair with Sidney Sheldon books. I also liked ‘RAGE OF ANGELS’ with Jennifer as the heroin. And I so love Tracy’s character in ‘IF TOMORROW COMES’, being a master of disguise and a master thief.
I also loved the 3 doctors in ‘Best Laid Plans’, the dramatic and vengeful story, ‘The Other Side of Midnight’, and I came to hate, pity, but love Ashley in the mind-boggling novel in ‘TELL ME YOUR DREAMS'.

I think all of those books are worthy to read. Too bad, Sheldon passed away last year. But I thank him for making all those fabulous novels worthy to be called Bestsellers.

One other author I also admire is John Grisham. It’s great to read books that is also fast-paced and gives a court scenario. He’s a genius when it comes to the law and order genre. As for fantasy, I came to admire J.K. Rowling’s HARRY POTTER. It not only entertains kids but adults as well. She’s a great story teller and I salute her.

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