Monday, April 7, 2008

Hello Kitty

I love Sanrio products, most especially Hello Kitty. I can still vividly recall the days when I was so fond of this cutie cat, with a yellow nose and who wore a red ribbon and a red overalls. I was in 2nd grade at that time and my mom even opened a bank account for me with a Hello Kitty passbook. But, oh well, the bank closed. And the Hello Kitty Fad disappeared.
It was in late 90’s or early 2000 that the Hello Kitty craze came back – with a vengeance! Obviously, they have widened their line because even adults like me were still attracted with their products – or maybe I was still a kid at heart or simply just a big fan of this kikay feline.
And Hello Kitty was sporting a new and different look, because maybe she found it too boring to wear only the same old color – red. And she came with a partner, too! Dear Daniel was there maybe to make her life more exciting. Hello Kitty was wearing pink color most of the time or sometimes, purple and blue for Dear Daniel. Their lines expanded not only as stuffed toys but you can also see them made of telephones, clocks, t-shirts, shoes, watches and even guitars, too!

McDonald’s food chain even attracted buyers of these cuddly kitties and was sold like hotcake! In fact, I actually owned 4 Hello Kitties in 1 week. Now, I am just too glad that I have a daughter in whom I can pass the ‘toys’ I once owned. She loves Hello Kitty, too. So at least, we have something in common.

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