Monday, April 7, 2008


I lived separately from my mom after I got married. My mom became a widow at the age of 55. Thankfully, my older brother was there to accompany my mom even until he got married. I was glad he was there for my mom, although I also often visit my old place with my husband and daughter, and sometimes my other older brod and his wife also go there to stay overnight or just visit. Everything went well. My family lived harmoniously. Even though my dad was not around anymore, we gained four additional members to our family – my two sisters in-law, my husband and my daughter. And Christmas was never dull in our family.

Months ago, a relative asked to stay at my mom’s place. Ever hospitable, my mom agreed to let her stay. We’ll, I’ll just name her – Melody. She said she would undergo a surgery, and that she had to rest at home afterwards. Accompanying her was her boyfriend. I’ll name him Johnny Bravo. But her family was sooo against Johnny – but that’s another story to tell. After the surgery, she decided to stay at my mom’s place, and later, she realized it might be a good place to hang around for awhile, hmmm.

My mom didn’t have any helpers at home, so with the absence of Melody’s relatives (who just came to visit a few times then leave), my mom was left alone to take care of her, buying her foods, meds, groceries, milk, fruits, etc. Sometimes, in the middle of the night she would call for my mom to look after her coz she felt scared, in pain, whatever. If not my mom, she would knock at my elder brod’s bedroom to let him look after her. It wouldn’t have been a disturbance at all, if only it happened only once or twice, but then it occurred all too frequently.

Johnny? Well, he keeps watch over her alright, but he sleeps in another room at night. Though he’s there to clean up her mess…– mess, as in literally – because she’s not suppose to lift or carry heavy objects…Poor guy, but good for him! Against all odds, he’s there for Melody because (according to him) he loves her. But I won’t dwell on the topic of their love story.

Melody went back to her hometown for awhile but came back to my mom’s place because of another treatment. It’s supposedly called Radioactive Iodine or RAI. It’s actually a radiation therapy taken orally. It works well with the patient having a thyroid problem but is considered dangerous for children, pregnant women or women in their reproductive years. In short, Melody needed to be isolated. She needed to have her own set of utensils, linens, etc., and she was required to flush the toilet three times after using it. She was cautioned not be in contact with others to avoid causing harm.

We had one vacant room at home, with its own bathroom, so Melody asked my mom to let her stay in that room 5 days after the treatment. However, if you’ve read the internet or medical books, it is clearly stated there that a patient like her should be isolated for at least 11 days. Did I fail to mention that Melody was quite demanding? Well, she had a way of always getting what she wanted. And in the end, her wish was granted, provided that she never get inside the main house but stay only on that separate bedroom until the 11th day is over. My brother and his wife have no kids yet, so it was quite risky for them if Melody was around or near them. My mom needed to refrain from going near her, too, to avoid being the carrier of whatever comes out from her radiation.

A day prior to her arrival, my mom diligently cleaned up the room. My other older brother, who used to own that room, took his things out for Melody’s convenience. Everybody went busy even though deep inside they were hoping she would stay somewhere else. But my family was very hospitable (!) as I’ve said.

The 5-day-stay at the hospital was over and then she returned to my mom’s place. As soon as she stepped into ‘her’ room, she complained of so many things. The room was too hot for her, she might have asthma attacks, there were a lot of mosquitos, she felt like this and like that. In the end, she entered the main house, stayed there, ate there, used the toilet without even bothering to flush the toilet bowl properly, and well, slept inside my mom’s bedroom. My brother was outraged and insulted. I was furious upon knowing this, my mom was speechless. In fact, everybody felt they just had ENOUGH!

It was so ironic that the owners of the house ended up sleeping in another house. Why? What was left of them anyway? They felt so defenseless and thought the better to run away or else trouble might happen right in the middle of the night.

Melody is already in her late 30’s, nearing 40. Her boyfriend is 51 years old, separated from his wife. But Melody’s family is so against Johnny. And Melody just despises all the people who would dare say negative things against Johnny. Apparently, they “professed” their love for each other even though they stepped on everyone else’s toes. And that’s probably one of the reasons why Melody wanted to stay at my mom’s place, so that she and Johnny were free to be together, with no one bothering or spying them. Johnny would also have free board and lodging, among other things at our home! Melody was raised too spoiled by her mom. She is very dependent and always lets other people do simple things for her. Poor mother of hers, she always wanted what’s best for her daughter to the point that she’s the one receiving all the insults for Melody. She’s already old but her love for Melody is so big that she’s blinded to the fact that Melody’s abusing her. But I don’t know who’s to blame here. I guess they’re all at fault.

So, what happens now at home? My mom and brod went back home anyways. But with a heavy heart, my brother was not able to control his emotions anymore. He poured everything out, but not to Melody - but to her mom. Poor old lady, she accepted it but asked everyone not to tell Melody about the incident. I, for one, was hoping that Melody should know about it. She was the one who brought up all this mess. She should have acted her age, be responsible, be independent and use her brain.

In the end, they all went to stay to her sister’s house. But should we feel guilty about this? If only Melody did not break the rule, maybe they could have still stayed at home. Even my own family risked their own health for her. But this kind of people should have at least some decency, some “delicadeza” or “hiya” because they’re the ones forcing my family to let them stay. Now that they left, should we be ashamed of what we did?
This story is only a short version. If I will all write everything in verbatim, you might hyperventilate in anger and would need oxygen. And I know what you’ll say – that enough is enough!

When I wrote this blog early this afternoon, I had no inkling of what transpired at my mom’s place. At 5 p.m. I called up my mom. Damn! Those people are back again. Melody didn’t like her sister’s place. Gosh, I should have known! Everywhere you put her, she’s never content. I told my mom to put down the phone because I didn’t want to hear what she was going to tell me anymore. This whole thing is such f***ing b***sh*t! My family couldn’t do anything and I’m in a rage.
What can one do if an enough is more than enough???!!!


Bogie said...

I will have another post for this. Can I use the name of the Characters in your post? he.he.he.he.

Cookie said...

Go ahead bogs kay para tiwas sa akong story :)...kulang pa ni kay kamo man ang naka witness sa tanan..