Sunday, August 6, 2023

An Afternoon at Davao City Library

We had the chance to visit Davao's City Library with my kids last month and wow, we loved what we saw! Since we were visitors from another city/province, the staff did not require us any IDs as it was only for their local residents who wanted to make research or study in there for longer hours. Visitors, however, cannot borrow or stay longer but were allowed to read books, tour the place, and of course, took pictures and videos 😊

Here are the things you need to know about their library: The City Library and Information Center in Davao City is a public library that serves as a hub for information, education, and community engagement. The library is located at 203 C., Bangoy Street, Brgy. 34-D, Poblacion District, Davao City, Philippines. 
It is likely to provide a wide range of resources and services to the residents of Davao City, as well as other visiting readers from other places. Some of the common features you might find in a city library include:

1. Book Collections: The library would house a diverse collection of books, including fiction, non-fiction, reference materials, educational resources, and children's books.
2. Periodicals and Magazines: Libraries often subscribe to various newspapers, magazines, and journals, providing access to current information on a wide range of topics. 
3. Digital Resources: Many libraries now offer digital resources, such as e-books, audio-books, online databases, and digital magazines, which can be accessed through library computers or personal devices.

4. Computer and Internet Access: Libraries usually provide public computers with internet access, allowing visitors to browse the web, conduct research, or complete online tasks. Wi-Fi access may also be available for those who prefer to use their own devices. 
5. Study and Reading Areas: Libraries typically offer designated spaces for quiet study and reading, creating an environment conducive to learning and concentration.

6. Events and Programs: Libraries often organize events, workshops, seminars, and educational programs for different age groups. These could include book clubs, storytelling sessions for children, author visits, or informational talks on various topics.

7. Reference and Research Assistance: Librarians are available to assist visitors in finding information, conducting research, and utilizing library resources effectively.

8. Inter-library Loan: If the library does not have a particular book or resource, they may have inter library loan services, allowing patrons to borrow materials from other libraries within a network. 
Take note that the specific offerings and services may vary from one library to another. Thus, best to contact the library directly or visit their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date infos.
Also, they have The Library Cafe on the ground floor. You can sip a coffee or take a cookie bite while reading a newspaper, a book or a magazine. This was our last stop and how we enjoyed the day. Thank you DCLIC owner and staff for being so hospitable and a giving us a memorable tour 💓

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