Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Royals on Coronation Day 2023

Even though I am not British, I am glad to witness (or watch on TV) the historical event that took place in England - that is, the coronation day of King Charles III. As a royal watcher, I look forward to seeing this event. But I must admit I am more looking forward to the day my favorite royals ascend to the throne and that is not (sorry to say) KCIII. I hope to see in my lifetime the coronation of the future monarch in England, the current Prince and Princess of Wales. Both embodied the qualities of future leaders, and even had Diana's quality - the People's Prince and Princess.

The Prince and Princess of Wales
Photo: ctto

I will not go into details anymore about King Charles III as not my favorite but he has my respect, and so with other world leaders who gave service and dedication to their country and respect other countries as well (you know what I mean).

I will just focus on Prince William and Princess Catherine and their little family, who are more loved by the people as they are approachable, relatable and responsible with the jobs entrusted to them. You don't hear them speak ill or nonsense, too, but they just get on with their work. Anyways, this is just my own opinion and you are of course, entitled to yours. 

Also, may I also say this how stunning the Princess of Wales look with her floral headpiece? Everyone (including me) expected her to wear a tiara coz it was a tradition but Buckingham Palace released a statement that the female working royals would only wear floral headpiece. But it turned out to be perfection as The PoW's headpiece still looked like a tiara placed in her beautifully braided hair. Truly, we are not disappointed but very delighted with the result 💓

Catherine, The Princess of Wales and Princess Charlotte
Photo: ctto (Getty)

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