Sunday, May 7, 2023

Learn How To Budget While Playing These Online Games

My 12-year-old daughter loves going with her dad and me to the grocery. Every week, she looks forward to join us every Sunday because that is the time we go to the supermarket and do the groceries. She is, by the way, on a spectrum but highly functional. Math and English are her favorite subjects. 

Anyway, at the grocery, my daughter often gets food items like vegetables, canned goods, milk, and of course, snacks. We gave her the freedom to get these items, and only remove them afterwards if she put too much on the cart, lol. We do the rest like lining up to pay the cashier. But that does not mean she is not interested or paying attention because she does. Maybe when the right time comes, I will teach her how to do proper budgeting. It is, after all, important that she learns this stuff as we will not be there to guide her forever.

Back at home, I was so glad that I found a very interesting site online that teaches kids on how to handle money, plus it is free! I love this money game site and am happy that they keep updating their games. And not only that, I found the game I used to play a decade ago, the Mahjong Solitaire, and I almost did not stop playing it since I enjoyed it so much even though I was not as fast as before.

The game that my daughter played was Cashier Simulator. At first she was confused on what to do, so I checked it and got confused as well. It was because the currency was in dollars and the game used bills that we do not often use in our country. But as the game went on, both of us were getting familiar. 

The game allowed us to be the cashier or the customer, so we get to perform either role. When we were the cashier, we were shown how to use the cash register, how to use the barcode, or process the customer's credit card. If we were the customer, it allowed us to buy items, add them to cart, and compute the amount we need to pay and how much was the change.

I was very happy with this game because it did not only teach my child on how to budget money, but math as well by adding or multiplying the virtual items she bought. She was also quick in learning about finances. We took turns playing the game because I had fun, too! :) 

There were actually plenty of games I found online but these two I mentioned so far entertained us a lot. Hope you could also try it to experience the fun my daughter and I have!

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