Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Online Games To Beat The Stress

A lot of people are stressed out these days because of the situation we are experiencing right now. With the global pandemic, people try to cope with the pressures of quarantine, albeit differently, but at least it makes them preoccupied and makes them feel somewhat happy with what they are doing. Others resort to gardening or baking while others busied themselves playing mobile or online games. I tried the latter as I do not have the talent for baking.

Playing games online is not exactly a ‘bad influence’ that most people perceive it as because there are actually games that are applicable in real-life situations. Some games teach you on how to manage time, how to increase typing speed, or how to budget money for grocery or shopping. But I know others just play the games out of boredom and as long as one puts a limit on playing the game, then there is nothing wrong with that. Remember, we need to take care of our mental health so better to distract ourselves than thinking of negative things.

Lately, I have been so obsessed with playing the Open Restaurant game from plays.org. It is a restaurant simulation game wherein you play as the waiter and strategize how you manage to serve all your customers and at the same time, earn as much money as possible. It was so satisfying on my part every time I received new customers and take orders from them, then accommodate other new customers. The more people I served, the more I earn but of course, I have to be fast. I started earning only $40 in-game until I finally managed to earn $25,920! Then, I realized how the waiters were often taken for granted especially if only one was there to take orders, imagine that. But kudos to the waiters in real life who were able to manage their time and keep their customers happy because of their fast and good services.
Open Restaurant game that I screened shot

Another game I played was the Speed Type Game. Maybe others find this boring upon first impression, but I find it very interesting as it improves my typing skills. I blog and write articles so I needed to check if I have some improvement in my typing skills, and I am glad I got a 99% accuracy the last time I played. Just make sure to type the spelling correctly since they would deduct the points if you missed or misspelled some words.

So you see, I tend to forget about my boredom whenever I play this game. My ten-year-old child is happy playing with her games, too. I just make sure that the games she plays are educational and fun and will not stress her out.

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