Saturday, May 15, 2021

Miss Universe 2020 Fever

The heat is on for Miss Universe 2020! Philippine representative is Rabiya Mateo who hails from Iloilo City, one of my favorite places in our country. I have been following her journey since she won the much-coveted Miss Universe Philippine crown because, well, it started with a controversy. However, the issue thrown at her at that time made me admire her instead because of her humility and positive attitude. Accusations were just hearsays and not even proven and mostly made by sore losers (sorry not sorry).

Fast forward to this month, Miss Universe competition will finally happen on May 16 after a year-long delay. Last May 13, 2021, the competition started with the candidates wearing their National Costume. Rabiya wore a red and blue dress with a butterfly wing and 3 stars resembling the Philippine flag. I just just learned later on that she was supposed to be wearing a big sun-shaped yellow headdress completing the symbols of our flag. However, it was not worn because, accordingly, it kept falling off her head apart from the fact that the wings already weighed 21-kls. 

Like the rest of you, I also wondered if Rabiya had the time to practice wearing the headdress so that she would know if she could balanced it? I also wondered why her team kept it a secret when other countries already posted their national costume on Instagram. At least, that way, we could have a glimpse of how she would look in her NatCos should things go wrong...and sadly, she did miss wearing it.

But overall, I love how Miss Philippines carried herself on the stage. She was so confident, beautiful and just had fun. I had also other favorites but I will never put our own candidate on the last of my list, especially if I could see that she also tried her best, in which she did.

However, as usual, toxic people always had to say something negative. Worst, it came from our country (again, as usual). Ironically, people from other countries admired Rabiya's performance and even placed her as their bet. I just can't understand how negative, critical and demanding these people who are suppose to be supporting our own representative. They ended up bashing her. They never even stopped until the preliminaries. They still don't like Rabiya's yellow evening gown, her hair, her walk... SERIOUSLY people, are you for real?!

She's bringing the Philippine flag, she's in Florida representing our country and hopefully, bring the 5th crown. Can't we at least, FOR ONCE, support her? I've never made a blog about our previous candidates but only this time because I am so fed up with other people's judgment, as if they were the real judge. Let's be united for once just like how the other countries treated their own candidates. I hope we can do this on the final round and whatever happens, win or lose, let's cheer for Philippines for a job well done.

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