Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Eye Must Have It


Women in general are not really required to wear makeup. It is just each woman's choice to either wear it or not. While others may say that not wearing make-up is better because it shows one's natural beauty, some may find it necessary to use when at work or attending an event in order to look good and feel confident about themselves.

Most women invest in buying different shades of lipsticks and eye makeup because it enhances the way they look, can conceal blemishes, wrinkles, or whatever imperfections they see that needs to be hidden.

Personally, I use makeup when attending social events to boost my confidence when I'm around people. I give a lot of importance to my eyes, hence I use eyeliner and mascara to enhance the shape and the size of my eyes. Most of the eyeshadows I apply have an earth color shade since I want it to blend in with my skin. I find it necessary to wear eye makeup particularly during special occasions, hopefully to enhance my appearance and to add depth to my usually tired-looking eyes.

These days, most events are conducted online due to the pandemic. Like other women, I had thought it unnecessary to wear makeup because most of the time I would just stay at home. One time, however, when I looked at the webcam and saw myself on screen, I looked very pale and plain-looking. It was a good thing, though, that I still had the eyeshadow palettes which I bought last year, as well as my lipstick, eyeliner and other beauty products. I came to realize that wearing makeup really helps me look way better and more lively especially when interacting other people online.

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