Sunday, February 28, 2021

Chillin' at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort

Going out during pandemic is not really the best time, however, as long as you practice social distancing, wear a mask and face shield and constantly wash your hands, then, I guess, you are protected. My kids and I don't usually go out these days but there are times that I long for fresh air and look for a new scenery other than the four corners of our wall. I need to keep my mental health intact, too.

My only problem is my youngest child. My kids are currently attending online school and I think they are so comfortable with this new kind of learning that they see no reason to go out anymore. My eldest can be persuaded but my youngest, who used to love going out, can't be easily asked to go unless I bribe her, lol.

Last February 25 was a holiday and as usual, we stayed home. But out of the blue, my husband and I suddenly discussed why don't we go somewhere? We tried inquiring and calling some places but they were not available since they need an advance reservation, the other one was temporarily closed and another one was quite expensive so we cancelled it, lol.

We don't have any plans to go out for long so we searched for nearby places where we could have our lunch as it was almost noon time. We found 2 places but cancelled the other one since it would only open late in the afternoon.

We opted to go to Ultra Winds Mountain Resort since the kids agreed to go out and preferred to see the mountain view.

I prepared a video below so that those who have not been there will have an idea what the road would look like :D Yeah, it was quite steep and from the highway, I guess it took us 5 minutes to reach our destination. If you find our speed very fast in this video, that's because I changed the setting to save time, hehe.

Friendly reminder: please turn off your car aircon when the road is getting steep so that it won't get busted. Going down is not a problem so you're good.

You could stay overnight at Ultra Winds if you want since they have rooms there. I didn't bother to inquire as my family and I don't have any plans in staying overnight especially during pandemic.

Check out the pics below:

Ultra Winds used Natural Alkaline water to fill in the pool. The water was really inviting and look so clean..

My little girl realized it would have been fun to take a dip in the pool. But since we didn't bring any swimming gear, we just took a selfie.

Of course, family pic first before eating our food. Hunger could wait, hehehe.

Fusion Beef Short Ribs - short ribs with cinnamon, fennel, soy and star anise cooked in classic french technique with thyme and shallots.

Kebob Mixed Platter - three skewers of grilled shrimp, fish, chicken with bell pepper, onion and tomato.

Chillin' and Relaxing. The place was so windy I almost fell asleep in this area. If only I brought my pillow I might have taken a power nap, lol.

These two really enjoyed the view. It was a miracle they didn't ask us to leave the place right away. They just stood there, very much at peace with the surrounding.

You could see plenty of peacocks in Ultra Winds. Just keep your food away from them coz they would instantly eat it when you're not around. Not their fault, though. (Fun fact: male peacocks are the ones with beautiful tails 🦚).

According to the staff in Ultra Winds, horse back riding ang Ziplining are currently unavailable. The IATF ordered the establishment not to open these to public for the meantime. Swimming pool, restaurant and staycation are what they could only offer for now.

Surely this won't be our last visit. We'll definitely go back and remember to bring our swimming attire next time, and probably stay overnight, IF, everything will go back to normal.

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