Saturday, February 20, 2021

Wellness Week 2021

My kids had their last day of exams yesterday and I was glad that they could rest and enjoy the weekend. They were enrolled in different schools so they have different schedules and policies in their online learning. My eldest had classes 2-3x a week only and about to graduate in senior high school; while my youngest, who is still in grade school, had classes from Mondays to Fridays but every morning only.

My eldest doesn't need anymore supervision when it comes to studies but my youngest child needs my assistance to be able to review her lessons well and to submit her requirements on time. Otherwise, they do things on their own.

Online learning place a big impact not only for the kids but also for the teachers as well as for the parents.

I was hesitant at first about this concept thinking that it was not suited for my youngest child given her personality. I was even planning of transferring her to another school that will not stress her out and be more flexible in their schedules.

But I decided to let her stay in her old school and crossed my fingers that everything will be fine. That was 6 months ago...

Now, I could say that I did not regret my decision. My youngest daughter adapted so well in what they call - Distance Learning. She's very compliant, cooperative and tried her best to participate. She answered her assignments after class and submit them on time. She even gets very good grades in her subjects. I hope she will maintain this when the time comes that she could finally go back to real school.

Anyways, I am also glad that their school practiced Wellness Week to give the kids a chance to relax from their online class and to enjoy life outside their "virtual school". Right after their exams, they will be given a week or two to rest from their online class.

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My eldest child has no problem with her class schedule since they don't virtually meet every day.

But I really think that Wellness Week is not only for the students or teachers but for all of us especially we are dealing almost everything online, at the same time, taking care of our mental health during pandemic.

So, Happy Wellness Week everyone!

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