Saturday, February 20, 2021

Netiquette of an Influencer

I started blogging over a decade ago and at the start, my main focus was writing about family and parenting since I was most comfortable about these topics. With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as other social media platforms that have become very popular over the years, many people I know became social media influencers and some opted to become video bloggers (or vloggers as the term is more popularly known). I remained being a blogger but also adapting to be an influencer, though from parenting, I eventually expanded my niche into lifestyle blogging. 

As a lifestyle blogger, I am able to share varying topics. I write not only about parenting or family but also about food, travel, hobbies, beauty, fashion, whatever is new in our city and quite any topic that catches my interest. It could be about a day-to-day activity that others might find interesting. Oftentimes, viewers usually give comments, engage me in conversation and even ask for my recommendations.

As time passed, I learned to put my voice into good use because I know that whatever I share in my blogs could influence my viewers. Even when promoting a product or an event, I would make sure to focus more on the positive aspects rather than on the negative. Fact checking a topic is also a must before I publish any article because I want to be very truthful with my audience and not stir up controversy or be the source of fake news. These are the things that have been instilled in my mind when I decided to become a social media influencer.

I have witnessed the rise and fall of many influencers over the years. Some fall perhaps due to the fact that they lacked or probably did not practice proper social media etiquette which is crucial in these digital times. Below are some of the things I have listed that could be helpful to influencers. I based this on my own experience and what I saw in others who were practicing it which created a big effect on the audience:

1. Be responsible. If you are campaigning for a product, make sure to say positive things. Do not destroy their reputation unless you are asked to review and express your opinion. Otherwise, say only good things.

2. Refrain from using words that are hard to comprehend. No matter how simple the things you say, people will still notice it if they are interested with what you are posting or promoting.

3. Using explicit words will lead you nowhere. Remember, many social media platforms have very strict rules. They could disable your website or channel if they find that you violated those rules.

4. Keep on posting even if you thought you have no audience. This is also where I failed most of the time. Although, I am trying my very best to change that by updating my site from time to time.

5. Be truthful. Do not plagiarize if you are told to write an original article just to sound intelligent. Simple writing can work and can sometimes be better! I myself prefer reading articles that are simple and easy to comprehend rather than reading those with overly complicated words.

6. Engage in a positive manner with your audience if you are in a discussion with them. Remember that you have to agree to disagree and be polite in accepting constructive criticisms. Unless of course you are being harassed, then try to report them. Know that you have the option to limit comments especially when using certain platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. Also, never engage in a heated argument. You have the power to IGNORE.

7. Write an article that you are most comfortable with. Not just because it is the fad these days that you immediately joined the bandwagon without even understanding what it is all about.

8. Be transparent. Do not promote a brand while visibly using their competitors. Be sensible and be sensitive in that aspect.

These are just a few of the things I have learned to practice over the years as an influencer. How the people react in both positive and negative manner has been my way of determining how effective the influencer's voice is and how it could affect the many followers. I am also learning from these and trying my best to practice what I preach 😉💜

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