Friday, January 10, 2020

Comfortable Clients are Happy Clients – How to Make Your Waiting Area Pleasant

Most people hate to wait, so service providers strive to provide prompt service. However, what they may not realize is that a 2019 study found many medical patients are more troubled by disagreeable waiting rooms than they are by extended wait times. Whether you work at an accounting office, auto shop or legal firm, your clients may feel the same. Here are a few measures that can help make your customers happy the moment they walk in the door and keep them content during delays.


In a crowded waiting room, one agitated client can put everyone on edge. Make your space a serene environment by decorating in soothing colors. Add live plants, which studies have shown to improve clients’ moods and encourage cooperation. Watching fish reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure, so install a cabinet aquarium denver for the benefit and enjoyment of your clients and your staff.


Design the waiting area with comfort and privacy in mind. The layout should allow adequate room for movement and a reasonable degree of privacy. Cushiony upholstered furniture is more comfortable than wooden chairs and other hard surfaces but fabric can be difficult to disinfect, so choose seating based on the hygiene needs of your practice. Fill the room with bright natural light if possible; if you have an interior room with no windows, use bulbs that mimic sunlight. To keep clients from getting bored, offer free Wi-Fi. If long wait times are common, consider supplying complimentary water, tea, coffee and soft drinks — and make sure a public restroom is available nearby.


You may not need library-level silence, but try to keep decibel levels low enough for multiple clients to carry on personal conversations simultaneously. Soft surfaces like area rugs and upholstered furniture absorb noise within the room; good wall and ceiling insulation should mute sounds from neighboring businesses and outside traffic. If you have a television playing, keep it on mute and set it to display closed captioning.

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