Saturday, January 11, 2020

Coffees and Cousins

I'm longing for a coffee right now before I go to this afternoon's meeting. But since I have a feeling that coffee will be served later,  so, I'll just have to wait.

Below is a picture of me  and  my first cousins on my father side. I guess you  can see our resemblance - we have genuine smiles ☺ My late dad was the eldest among 13 children. My cousins' moms (my aunts) were 3rd and 4th if we're talking about ordinal positions, hehe.

Love having coffees with them. One afternoon is not enough but since we have other  plans on this particular day, we managed to squeeze our time by talking fast 😂

I still have plenty of cousins and some of them are younger than us. I hope they could join us if they're in town as we live in different cities.  Anyways, just sharing to you a bit of my family history..

Gotta go now and wish me luck on my meeting. I hope this better be good :-)

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