Thursday, December 12, 2019

Where's the Party?

Sharing a rare photo of me being dolled up & dressed to the nines 😜 This pic was a year old already but I don't remember posting it here in my blog. I attended our blogger's anniversary last year and the theme was somewhat red-carpet worthy in gold and black formal attire.

Good thing I kept some dresses that were given to me by my hubby's aunt who resides in the US. I kept this black dress for years and glad I didn't give it away or else I have nothing to wear on this particular event, lol.

I don't know if I look good on this dress but I'd like to believe I did, harhar. Most bloggers had the same make-up artist that night that I thought we probably looked the same, haha. 

The party was a success and ended well. We had great food and we were provided with a good venue. Glad it didn't rain because we were at the roofdeck of a building. Everyone was full, had a good laugh and I think the anniversary was celebrated just everybody wanted it to be.

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