Thursday, June 9, 2016

Corpus Christi Batch '91 Celebrate its 25th Year!

I am one of the pioneering batch of Corpus Christi School Class of 1991. This year, we decided to hold our 25th year Silver Jubilee reunion on July 1-3, 2016.

We are currently busy with what to do on our get-together. We created a committee who will take charge of a specific task. So far, I've been assigned to make a video for our class, make invitation for our former teachers and make some reservations at the venues we plan to hold our get-together. Tarpaulin and tokens for everybody were also assigned to me. And I'm not even a superwoman!

But I had fun doing these because I know I can. As long as I know what I am doing and familiar with the tasks assigned to me, I have no problem doing it ;-)

Just to give you bit of an info, since we were the pioneering class, there were only 24 graduates in our batch. Yes, senior batch of 1991 had only 24 graduates! And that's something we (the 1st grads) are really proud of!

What's exciting about our reunion is that our classmates who are now residing outside the city will come home just for this event. And we are so excited to see each other once again...

Congrats to our 25th Year! Here's a picture of batch '91 with our Class Adviser Mrs. Santos and HS Principal Dr. Alfonso del Fierro.

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Logan Bertram said...

My home town highschool was down to 20 in its graduating class before they closed it down for the county school across town. And this was only a few years ago.