Friday, January 8, 2016

Perfect for Aspiring Guitarists

My late dad came from a family of musicians. My 2 older brothers are also musically-inclined and both of them know how to play the guitar and piano. As for me, I know how to play the guitar because I love to sing. I learned to play the guitar thru self-study and thru observation. But I cannot say I am good at it but I least I know.   

I am now married to a husband who is also good in playing the guitar. We have two kids and our eldest love to play the piano but I really wish she will learn to play guitar, too. In fact, we bought her kiddie guitar years ago but she just put it aside. Now, she's already 12 and lately, she asked if we could teach her with the guitar basics. But I guess we need to buy her a new instrument to replace her old one. I browsed online for an instrument that will fit her personality and I found rogue starter acoustic guitar. I know this will be perfect for her because it is good for aspiring guitarist but I hope this is available in stores near us. However, I guess it's cheaper to purchase online so either way, we'll find a way to buy this instrument for her.

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