Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Late Summer Vacay

Rainy days are here once again. Summer's finally over and school days began. My eldest child's 1st day of school will be on June 13 - Friday. I actually find it weird why their school starts on a Friday. However, my children will be absent on Friday, and Monday the following week because we will have our late summer vacation. I already asked permission from their teachers but the absences are not yet alarming because it's just the first day of school. I guess they will not even have a regular class yet.

We will be leaving by plane tomorrow. We are going to Manila and stay in my brother's house. I really pray that the weather will be kind to us. I also pray for our safe travel coz I'm usually jittery every time we ride on a plane. Anyhoo, I'm looking forward for a good vacation. I thought I deserved a break after all the obstacles I've been facing lately.

So, this is just it for the moment. Be posting some pics soon. Hey, pray for us, too! ;-)

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