Monday, May 26, 2014

School Time Here Again!

Few more days and it's already June. Wow, indeed time flies so fast. I already enrolled my eldest child but I might enroll my youngest later this week. I wish school in here are not that expensive. They will really make any parent broke. Good thing I have only 2 kids but how about those having 5 kids. No wonder others enrolled their children in public school. I would, too, if only the public school have good standards. Unfortunately, only few offers quality education that's why no matter how expensive, some parents still choose to send their kids to private schools...sad but true..sigh..

Aside from a very expensive tuition fees, there are books that costs a lot. I hope the books are good because oftentimes I found wrong grammar or wrong answer if I happen to read it. We are sending our kids to good schools and I expect that my kids receive quality education, too. But of course it also depends on the school's system and the teacher. Yes, teachers play an important part in the students' education. Anyways, I wish my kids, the schools and the teachers the best of luck for this coming school year.

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