Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Celebrating Birthday at Pryce Plaza Hotel

I've been planning to blog about my hubby's birthday and post some of our pics but I was too lazy to do it. Actually, not entirely lazy but am also busy at home that when it's time for me to use the computer, I don't have energy anymore to write anything that I ended up browsing and reading other entries. I even missed joining some memes! So finally, I will post the pictures taken a month ago, hubby's birthday celebration last April 28.
We had an overnight stay at Pryce Plaza hotel. The kids, especially Chloe, loved the place for she was able to swim on the pool. Baby Zoe was at first afraid but later joined us on the pool. The weather was perfect that afternoon. In the evening, we decided to go to the nearby mall and dined in there. I posted in my other entry about my hubby's birthday dinner where the staff at Bigby's sang a b-day song for him :) Our overnight stay was inclusive of 2 complimentary breakfast. We just add a little for Chloe but Zoe was free. Oh, since the hotel is offering a summer promo, we were able to avail big discount on our room. Such a happy birthday indeed! Below are the pics. Enjoy viewing ;-)    
Daddy Glenn with his princesses
Me and my treasures
They were too engrossed watching TV at Cartoon Network
Looks like I have 4 arms.. Chloe was trying to make fun of me :p
Panoramic view of our bedroom. This was already morning so the bed's quite messy
A happy morning for Zoe (",)
Just striking a pose
Me and Zoe.. one of my favorite pics
Me and Kiddos
Daddy and Zoe were just enjoying the view while we were on the pool
I'd rather pose than swim, hehe
Okay, that's me having a blast on a sunny morning
My baby Zoe
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Jessica Cassidy said...

what a fun day at Pryce Plaza..mahal diha Momi Cookie :-( d mi ka-afford :-( Dropping by from Wednesday Whites.

Cookie said...

@Jessica: they're on summer promo right now mommy jess so not so expensive ra ang rooms ;-)

Mummy Gwen said...

What a great birthday treat for your Hubby. Oh my..both of your princesses have grown so much. Zoe is walking already? As usual you look great Cookie ganda.

sir rob said...

The place looks neat and clean. Not to mention elegant as well.

Merydith said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Whenever we stay in a hotel, we never fail to dip in the pool. BPC hopping from http://www.inin78.com/2012/05/ripleys-believe-it-or-not-museum-wisconsin-dells-ontario-canada-st-augustine-florida.html

XyeXyrus said...

great birthday treat for the whole family..

It is more FUN in the box

Pinx said...

wow! what a nice birthday treat! i also have an overnight stay for Crown Regency, wala pa namo na-avail. soon! visiting for WW! late lang kaayo! hehehe.

raya said...

wow! what a great family bonding... and an amazing birthday treat, too! thanks for joining WW, mommy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, love it cooks...enjoy ang imong mga babies.

Travelholic said...

I haven't checked in at Pryce Plaza yet, ever! Overlooking ra ba kaayo from diha my hubby's house down in Carmen. Lol. A couple times in the past though, we went swimming diha sa ilang pool. Maka-libre mi kay ubanon mi sa among friend whose dad is the chef diha sa hotel. :)

That was a fun overnight escapade, Cooks! Indeed, a happy birthday for your man! :)

Thanks for joining TT and sorry for my late hop. I have just gotten back from our vacation. TT for this week is now up, too. Hope you can join again!

Marlene said...

beautiful pics!!