Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Very Busy August

As soon as the calendar hits August, it was kind of busy at my household. After my eldest daughter's first quarter exam ended, she had cough, cold and fever. Then, the following week, they celebrated their Civics, Nutrition and Filipino Week ~ but more on Linggo Ng Wika week. She was busy preparing for her storytelling in Filipino and when that was over, she attended their salo-salo of native food at school. But when some of their activities were not graded and her attendance was not needed, I let her rest at home so that she will be fully recovered from her cough.

For this week, Chloe prepared her storytelling in English. She was called this morning because she volunteered. She said she doesn't want to be the last to be called. I'm glad at age 8, she is that brave and so eager to face the audience. They were also given a note inviting them to audition for some sort of a Talent Show. Chloe is so eager to audition because she wanted to perform onstage but I refused. Not that I don't want her to but because I knew that she still needs to practice a little. She wanted to sing but she's not been practicing it for over a year. I guess it needs to be polished and we have a very short time to do it for the audition will take place tomorrow afternoon, I guess.

Next month, it will be their foundation day so they are now busy preparing for their presentation. For the 2nd grader, they will have a mardi gras and my kid's also excited on what she will wear. She's thinking about the carnival that she saw in Rio the movie, ha! ha! Well, that's my Chloe! So eager to do a lot of things but am glad she always put her studies on top of her list.

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me said...

hey there Mommy Cookie...missed you...its been a while..been MIA in blog your post I am also very busy...di nga lang on August but every month na ata...your girls are both so big..Chloe is so pretty and ang laki na...