Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chloe's Progress

Last Friday, I went to Chloe's school for the Parent-Teacher Conference. Actually, it was just getting my daughter's report card and talk to the teacher if there was a certain aspect that my daughter needs to improve. Gladly, my daughter maintained her grades and I was told that her interpersonal relationship with her classmates improved. I know my daughter is smart (sorry if I sound like a braggart, haha) but I'm also concern of how she's coping her new school, her classmates, teachers and others and all I can say this time is that she's doing fine.
Chloe's report card. She got straight As in all her subjects for the 2nd Quarter.
1 A- is her Relationship with others but that's already very fine with me =)

As for her studies, I'm always proud of her achievements, her scores on her quizzes or quarter exams. However, I think she needs to work on her study habit coz she's a little bit lazy, hehe. I don't asked her to study if she has no quizzes or major exams and I don't mind her playing or sketching on her drawing board/paper if she has no assignments. But I do quite 'nag' her to study if there's a quiz, assignment, exams on certain days. If not, she won't bother at all. Sometimes, she just relied on her memory but I don't like that way, hehe.. Anyways, if there's no class, I let her be. I don't even want to enroll her in other tutorial class coz I don't want her to feel overloaded. I want her to enjoy her life. So, during weekends, she's free to use the computer, draw until she consumed all the paper and get tired, read whatever books she likes or play with her toys. But usually, every Saturday, Chloe and I go malling. I need to unwind, too, and it's our way of having a quality time together.

This is Chloe's latest pic. My little girl has grown up.
She looks quite different now especially with her 2 missing teeth =B


Chubskulit Rose said...

Ang galing galing naman ng straight A student na yan hehee, at ang ganda pa! Manang mana sa Mommy!

Dhemz said...

wohoo! san pa nga ba naman magmana...ehehehe...way to go little lady!

Mummy Gwen said...

Bravo Chloe! She is really smart, Mommy. :) She sure looks cute with her missing teeth..hehe.