Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be On Guard

I have no house help again this time. I think she ran off with her boyfriend. She went home last Saturday and promised to be back by Monday but she never returned. She never even bothered to call just to inform if she's coming back or not the way she used to do before. Ever since she had a cellphone, she was beginning to be a pain in the ass but I tolerated her. She was good to me for the first 2 months and on the 3rd month, she became lazy and spent most of her time talking over her phone. Even have the guts to lie to me that she was only talking to her cousin. She never wakes up early and I became her alarm clock, knocking her door to wake her up. When it was her schedule to do some chores, she did it in the afternoon so that she can spend a lot of time talking to her boyfriend at her cellphone while I was busy taking care of the baby. Okay, fine, she went home and never returned. I just hope she told me the truth for I was never strict on her.

So many times my house help went home but most of them informed me ahead if they won't come back. I'm used to have no maid anyway, it's just that this time, I have a baby to take care of and worry about Chloe's safety at school. I'm just too glad that Chloe's quite big now but she's still 7 years old, and I can't help to imagine that somebody might harm her. My helper usually go to school at lunch to watch over Chloe while waiting for my hubby to fetch them. Now, I've to trust the school and their guard not to let Chloe go out of the campus if her dad won't pick her up yet. Still I'm afraid... that's why I kept telling my daughter never go with strangers.. and now that my helper is not coming back, I told her never go with the helper if ever Chloe's sees her there. And I will just pray that no harm will come on her way and that she will be safe when I cannot be with her. I how I wish I could still drive and fetch her to school the way I used to but I can't this time because I've a 2 month old baby that needs my care at home. I'll just pray for Chloe's safety and I hope to resolve everything by this week...

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Bogie said...

ha.ha.ha.ha medyo taas2 imong nasulat. Murag pahungaw gyud ni. he.he.he