Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Manila Vacation: Day 3 @ Enchanted Kingdom

In our 3rd day in Manila, we thought we'd be able to go to Tagaytay in the morning and perhaps go to Enchanted Kingdom late in the afternoon. But Chloe was getting sick already. She had a cough, cold and her skin was slightly warm even though her temp was just below 37C. We stayed home in the morning but Chloe was too eager to go to Enchanted. Her skin was not warm anymore by noon and she also became restless. My husband and I thought only Chloe will enjoy the rides at enchanted and we would be home in an hour, so, off we went.

We arrived around 1:30 P.M. and boy, it was so hot!! Since we paid for the rides-all-you-can ticket (which was, by the way, expensive), the 3 of us rode the Grand Carousel to avoid the heat of the sun and much to my delight, too. I have always wished to ride the carousel when I was little but it never came true. And it was only granted on this very day, hehe.

(L) Mommy Cookie's first ever pony ride :p; (R) With the cannibals, hehehe

It turned out that we, adults, enjoyed the rides as well, hehe.. We went home after firework displays at 8:00 p.m. and there were plenty of rides that we missed. Guess we should've have been there earlier :p

Chloe & Daddy
Chloe and Daddy tried lots of rides & enjoyed it to the max!

Chloe enjoyed watching the show titled A Story About Mulan. Below, photo op with the older and younger versions of Mulan :D

More video clips shown below. Thank you for taking your time to view ;-)


T. Karen said...

wow nice! a

Mummy Gwen said...

I enjoyed the slideshow. That's a very nice place to visit. Chloe really can pose eh..hehe.

Umma said...

Hello Mommy Cookie, so delighted checking your family pictures. Surely, you had a grand time spending your vacation in Manila.

Waah.. I just imagine when we'll be going there bec it must be too HOT HOT which I really hate... Oh my!!

Thanks for dropping by..

Dhemz said... in! wala diay mo nag family planning? dugay sad diay kaau nasundan mami Cook's no?

na kami bya pod woi....hapit na mag 4 si Akesha..wala pa Lord nalang jud ang bahala ani....hoping na maparehas pod unta me ninyo...ehehehe!

wala man kaha ka galisod sa imong pregnancy?