Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Halloween Treats

Here's my Yummy Sunday entry for this week: Halloween Brownies. My daughter had their Halloween activity at school last November and somebody made these and gave it to the kids. Since my daughter took two of these, I managed to taste the other one. It sure was yummy! To join Yummy Sunday, check it out at Perfectly Blended's blog and learn more about this entry ;)

Halloween Brownies

Scary Pumpkin, Spider and Ghost Brownies

My little girl, Chloe, enjoying her treat ;-)


wenn said...

yea, halloween cookies!

Mummy Gwen said...

The cookies are lovely. *drooling* Sweet Chloe enjoying her treats. :)

Perfectly Blended said...

Very cute cookies!

Reanaclaire said... creative cookies! clever!

gemini said...

wow...great creative cookie decor...can I have some? visiting and dropping by.

T. Karen said...

wow! glad to see zen's goodies here!!! tell me if you want to order her cakes & pastries coox, so i can give you her number. her potato & chives bread is very filling; love her butterscotch & x'mas fruitcake too... the kids sure loved her halloween goodies!