Thursday, May 14, 2009

Food Dilemma

My husband treated me and our daughter to dine in fancy restaurant this evening. This restaurant is known for their good services and tasty foods. We ordered Fish soup, mixed seafoods and fried chicken for Chloe (which was too much and too plenty for her!).

Starving like a horse, my husband and I really enjoyed our seafood meal while Chloe tried to eat by herself after I cut the chicken for her. I wasn't fully sated yet when I started to feel dizzy. I tried not to be bothered about it however, it got worst. I felt like I was intoxicated by some hard liquor and so I stopped eating. I felt my blood rising in my system, went to my heart, to my face and to my head. Am I somewhat experiencing food poisoning? However, my husband was not affected at all.

I had no known allergy on food, especially seafood, eversince I was a kid but that experienced halted me from eating. It was a few minutes later that I felt better after I drank my can of coke. It was good that Chloe's food was plenty, too, as I took some of her share. But I did inform the restaurant so that they would be aware of their services, too. So far, I'm ok right now. I just hope nothing unusual will happen the next day - duh.


ghieGANDA said...

oh my! very alarming to mommy cooks ha! r u ok na? d na ba naulit uli? i hope so. =)

Letterhead Printing | said...

Are you allergic to seafood? That's too bad. :( Seafood are very delicious. You should take anti-histamines if you want to eat seafood next time.