Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Addictions

Pretty blogger friend, Niko ganda wanted to know my top 5 Addictions. So here it is ;)

1. Family - They are my top priority because they are my life. I love them very much that I would rather spend most of my time with them.

2. Internet - Even though how tired I was from hospital duty, I tried to take a peek on the net to check my emails, check my blog, check my friendster and facebook account and check on the latest news or buzz to update myself ;)

3. Music - I love music. Any kind of genre will do for me especially if the tune is catchy.

4. Books - I love to read interesting books. I could even finish reading it in 1 day no matter how thick it is so long as it interests me.

5. Malling - I need to go out somewhere at least once a week, with my family of course. Malling is the easiest way to go :D

Now, it's your turn to list your 5 addictions.

1 comment:

niko said...

thanks a lot for posting cooks!!!
dami naten similarity.. sino ba di maadik sa kanyang pamilya hahaah??

back to work now byuti mo noh?? salamat sa laging pagdalaw ha!! ingat lagi!!