Saturday, December 20, 2008

Itazura Na Kiss Music

I wrote in my blog before that I went crazy over one Anime series titled Itazura Na Kiss. I've never been an anime lover but everything changed when I've watched that show September of 2008 and even posted an entry about it in my blog.

I also love their soundtrack especially the music in their end credits, Jikan yo Tomare, which was performed by Azu. I really researched the music video of that song and I finally found it! And even though I don't understand Japanese language (I only knew some words or phrases), I still love the song and even tried to learn the lyrics, too, hehehe. I found the music so catchy and I so love the beat.

My favorite couple, Kotoko and Naoki =)

Below is their music video for you to see. Enjoy listening!

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amiable amy said...

asus...d jud malimtan ang hobby...hahaha