Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Pretty Umma!

1.What's your first impression on Umma?

Friendly, pretty and at first I thought she’s really
Korean, haha. Because I saw in her blog that Umma meant Mom in Korean (or something like that)

2.After you've known her, did that impression change?

She’s friendlier, hehe… and later found out that she’s pinay like me when I saw this line in one of her comments : ‘trip ko lang’ (“,)

3.What song will you sing to her aside from "Happy Birthday" and why?

I wanna run to you by Whitney Houston (only the title not really the lyrics of the song, hehe). She once said that she sometimes belted out a Whitney Houston son
g to put YL to sleep, hehe. Aside from that, I really ran unto her if I needed help in my layout, hehe..

4.If Umma is a flower, what will she be? Why?
Orchid! Well, orchids are worth to be kept and Umma is worth keeping ;)

5.When you meet Umma in person, what is the first word you might say?

UMMA! I mean, Hey, NANCY!

6.When you look at her picture, what can you say about her personality?

Friendly, Hot momma, sosyal, haha

7.How do you describe Umma as a friend online?

She’s really great! And she’s so thoughtful, too!

8.What do you think of her as a mother?

A doting mom. Definitely loving, sweet and generous ;)

9.What do you think of her posts and why?

Informative, fun and interesting.

10. What is your birthday wish for umma?

Live life to the fullest! Enjoy your day and have fun! And may you achieve your greatest endeavor in life!


Umma said...

Waahh.. u made another surprise for me.. I was just curious when I saw those messages wink* wink* from Niko bec I read it too and I was like hmmm... they're cookin something I wasnt included..

I really appreciate the thoughts and the efforts Cooks... really, this is considered as one of my most memorable birthday moments.. You guys are so sweet and thoughtful... Im so glad I met you in this blogosphere...I really treasure the friendship.. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Cooks.

Merry Xmas to you and your family as well.. party time na hahaha

niko said...

we made her happy cooks!! wink wink!

merry christmas to u and ur family! mwah mwah

Cookie said...

Umma, you are that dear to us. We really wanted to do this because that's how much we value your friendship. Thank you for appreciating it, too, Nancy! Forever friends ;)

Hi niks, yah, we all did it, hehe. Merry Christmas to you and to your family, too!