Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chloe's Christmas Presentation

As promised, I will post some of Chloe's videos here. Some of her pictures will be published at My Girl.

But bear with me as the videos here were taken via digital camera. I have a clearer (and closer) version on my video cam but decided not to wait for it since it would take a lot of time to transfer.

Oh Holy Night
Soloist: Chloe
* Chloe is at the back and on top of the row

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
* Chloe with her partner Cole
Shake it, Shake it!

My unica hija; Angel Chloe with her stage mommy, hehehe


Anonymous said...

Mana sa Mommy ang beaty hehehe.. Great job Chloe!

Mommy Cooks meron akong video posted on my other blog and if you have free time, please feel free to comment on what you think.. thank you!

niko said...

wohohoh chloe is the soloist dear?? naku tuloy tuloy na dpat yan!! might be the next charice pempengco yohohoooo. congrats to chloe..

i wonder cooks, who wont be a stage mom in the future noh? kasi every mom is proud of their child.. lahat naman ata stage mom! heheheh.

anyways have a merry christmas to u and ur famly!

mwah mwah

gLoR!e said...

Merry Christmas! it was nice to see chloe on the stage, haay how i wish i have already daughter..:)

Cecile said...




Mommy Dharlz said...

Chloe is the idol of the youngest sister of my tutorial clients...

me said...

artistahin ang baby mo mommy cookie..and very,very pretty..nagmana sayo..

Mommy Dharlz said...

ehem ehem...talagang may pinagmanahan sa beauty at talent...congratz cookie dear...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments :)
Misty - mga cutie pies din anak mo. yung girl mo nga, very fashionista din, hehe :)

Niko - yah, lahat ata tayo stage mommy, hehehe. merry xmas to you, too!

Glorie - tnx for your comment ha. someday you will have a cutie little child, hehe.

Cecile - thank you very much! Merry Christmas to your family, too!

dharlz - mao ba? kinsa kaha? haha. your cutie kid is very talented, too!

Kittykatz - salamat.. someday, you will have a mini-me who is as pretty as you ;)

Reanaclaire said...

u must be very proud of her then.. she is so sweet looking..
how is your christmas sharing?

Shemah said...

Cooks!! Chloe is truly such a beautiful angel! On and off stage. Hehehe. :) Can't wait to see my little Allie all grown up too.. but then again, I'm still savoring her baby moments.. She's just learned to walk the past 2 weeks. LOL!

Anyways, I hope you and family had a fantastic Christmas! :) Mine wasn't so merry what with me and Buddy falling ill. Hubby had to work too, so that wasn't much fun, either.

p/s: My mom's best friend is from the Philippines. That's how I learned some Tagalog words. She always comes over bringing goodies and foodstuff from there.. which I think are just great! I hope to make a trip there one day! ;)

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha..Chloe is a pretty angel. You must be very proud of her, stage mommy. :D

Karen said...

Cooks, it is a privilege to be in Chloe's life... you know what I mean, and I couldn't thank you and Glenn enough for this... It's unfortunate that we didn't go through with our plans on the wedding. There will be other opportunities. It's no one's fault since Glenn is currently recuperating. We'll talk more soon... Hugs, and GREAAAAT POST!

Cookie said...

Thank you mummygwen for your comment :) Yeah, I'm a proud stage mommy, hehehe..

Soul Anchor, thanks for everything, too! I'm glad Chloe is at LT, too! Thank goodness I made a right decision in putting her there, haha. The event was a success because of you guys! Let Chloe sing on your wedding, hehehe.

Cookie said...

reanclaire, everything went great last Christmas. hope yours was a great one, too!

Shemah, thank you, too. And yes, just like you, I actually don't want to let Chloe grow so fast. I missed her baby-hood day, too... And oh, so that's why you learn some Tagalog words. You're a quick learner huh. Hope you'd be able to celebrate new year with a blast this time ;)

amiable amy said...

what a pretty picture of mom and daughter...she is almost as tall as you cookie pie

Kristie said...

chloe can sure shake her bootie! :)

glad u had a great christmas!!!!