Friday, November 21, 2008

He Got Me :)

This is my 100th post.
I'm going to write something different. I will let you see a glimpse of me and bore you to death with my story, hehehe...

Today's November 21.
Something significant happened on this date and I was brought back to my memories several years ago. Somebody had said this line to me “Will you be my girl?” Uwaah!

I remember how choosy I was when it comes to guys. Although I had very few crushes during my high school days, I graduated to having no boyfriend at all. But I wasn’t really looking for it anyway. I was a bit of a man-hater, too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

College days was more exciting for me. It wasn’t because I was scouting for a bf but because there were lots of things to explore and lots of adventures, too. Then, somebody expressed his intentions to me. We belonged to the same course and he was a nice guy. But I wasn’t ready then. I told him if he could wait. And I don’t know if I meant that because I didn’t really fall for him. I just liked his nice gestures to me. I guess he waited for me for about 3 yrs, but we ended up as good friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

At one time, while I was walking by myself on my way home, somebody just popped out from nowhere (whoa!). He introduced himself and said he liked me a lot. He said we had the same course and that he knew me all along. He even had the guts to invite me out on Valentine’s Day. That day came and I saw him waiting for me outside of our school, but then I took cover so that he wouldn't see me. Why would I go out with him when I barely even knew him? His looks were ok but somewhat not to be trusted, hehe. He was actually disappointed when I didn’t show up (somebody told me, but hey should I be guilty about it?). He ended up with his classmate later.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A friend of mine asked me to introduce him to my best friend. He kept asking me about her. Until one day, he acted so awkward towards me. I asked him why & later told me that he actually fell for the bridge ~ what was that all about? He said I was the bridge. Well, I was never interested in him, aside from the fact that we kept on bickering. I didn’t like his attitude and he was not my type either. I didn't like his face, to be frank! (hehe). He gave me a lot of stress, but I think that was his way to get my attention. We fought a lot that I didn’t want to see his face again. I ignored him for quite a long time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I joined an organization and I became close to some of the members. One of them was brave enough to express what he felt inside. He was a very good writer, very witty and creative. He was supposed to be my good friend until he courted me. I asked him to be just a friend, but he was persistent. He was not even minding that I was taller than him. That wasn’t the only reason why I declined. I always followed my heart and my mind when it comes to that matter. And I didn’t feel anything special about him. He didn’t listen, until I got pissed off. The only way to stop him was to ignore him and end his friendship. He was surprised. To think I told him that I won’t change. But he changed me. That was years ago, but we’re friends now ;)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I don’t get it. If I liked somebody, he was unavailable. And if somebody liked me, I was not interested.

Some said I looked strict and some were intimidated. Somebody told me, why not collect and select? Halleer?! I’m not a playgirl, and I'm not stupid. I wasn’t that desperate, either, and College days ain’t over yet.

However, when my debut came, I was still a member of NBSB (no boyfriend since birth). Until I was over 18 years old and still, nothing happened.

There was one time I prayed to God (and even wrote it), that if I would fall in love, that guy would be my last. I also wished that he would be taller than I am (hehe ~ no offense to others), and intellectual because I’m only average. And I also prayed that if possible, I hope I would be his first girlfriend, too, so that we were even and I can’t be compared to an ex. I guess I asked too much and I realized how perfectionist and choosy I was. I thought I would end up an as old-maid.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was also a member of another organization. I had fun in there and it was where I found my ‘bestest’ friends. I became closer to one particular person. I was his confidante, so I knew most of his secrets. Although at first, we argued a lot, but later, the atmosphere changed. It was as if we had a mutual understanding. He was supposed to be my best friend. He was always concerned about me and I was a bit surprised later when I didn't get easily mad at him anymore. But he never courted me. I guess he tried to make attempts but it never happened. We were very close for so very long, I never realized that the people behind us thought that we were an item. Maybe that was why others could not come near me, hmmm?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Until, somebody with guts came along. We were introduced but never really became friends. It was only 3 months later that we exchanged 'Hi's to each other. End of September, he revealed to my best friend that he liked me. By October, we got to talk a lot. By November, he asked me out on a date and there, he expressed his real intentions. I told him to wait because I was a bit confused at that time. (I was also thinking of my other friend). Anyway, my friend soon knew about him yet he was mum about it. At one time, both of them wanted to accompany me home. I told them to give me a break and go home yourselves. I ended up going home alone instead (what the hey!). Yet in that short time, I knew I was falling… I told myself to wait and just decide on my 20th birthday, which would happen in 2 months. Funny, I even wrote a poem titled, You or Him? (it’s in my older post here). But this, somebody, did not waste his time. He asked me out again & I didn’t even refuse. This time, he popped up the question again and I answered YES. It was November 21, still 2 months away from my birthday.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up the next morning having goose bumps. What did I do ast night? What?! I have a boyfriend already? I didn’t even tell my parents yet. Can I get my answer back? I didn’t even know him that much. I never asked if he had a girlfriend before. He might even have a lovechild. But I guess I was too preoccupied to think about that, that I did not care anymore. I accepted him because I was, well, strucked by cupid. And why should I let him wait if I was already sure about how I feel? Anyways, it stayed that way. We were officially a couple. As for my other friend, I avoided him because I didn’t want him to feel bad. I did not approach nor bother to talk to him. What was there to talk about anyway? He never even expressed his intentions towards me. That was settled then. But we were ok later. Our closeness never returned but at least we’re still very good friends. That was all that mattered. But I thank God that we didn’t end up with each other because we were both very opinionated, stubborn and we always bicker. In short, we were incompatible.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

7 years & 2 months after, Glenn (the Him in the poem I wrote) & I tied the knot. It was during those years that we knew each other deeply. It was during those years that I found out that I was his first and only girlfriend, so, no lovechild existed and no exes to compare with. I later learned that he belonged to class A in their university when he was in high school and was in the honor’s program in College (but he signed himself out later). Another thing, he's taller than I am, hehe. Later did I realize that I got all my prayers answered. And after more than 6 yrs of marriage (and 1 kid after), the road we traveled was not perfect, yet we strive and managed to overcome the obstacles that we encountered. We still have a very long journey ahead of us. I thank God for guiding us all throughout the way.


Phebie said...

Wow!! What a love story...gbasa jud nko tanan..hahhaha...Truly it was an answered prayer! God Bless sa inyong taas pa nga kaminyoon...

Karen said...

i feel like cryiiiing!!!! i'm so touched to read this story about you and glenn... you are indeed blessed, both of you with each other. and what a nice story for your 100th post... i've always been a big fan of your family cooks, honest... di lang ko gasaba... God is indeed the God of Love... and Romance. Your faith has led you to Glenn, to Chloe and to this day.

Anonymous said...'s an interesting love story.. even if it's quite long but I got glued and read everything.. cute!

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Umma said...

Wow galing naman ng story nyo Cooks, made me teary eyed pa ata ah?
Indeed you are so lucky to have each other as you deserved both.

See, you have a very cute little girl now. I think its time for you to plan for another junior maybe?

God Bless your family.

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm so glad you visited my blog. It has been fun reading about how you met your husband. It sounds like you two are a great match. What a fun story!

A said...

wow! congrats, ang bilis noh, naka 100 posts na tayo! :D I feel like I know you a lot na, thanks for being a great blogger friend! :D hugs and kisses... :D

amiable amy said...

Wow Cookie pie, those were the days girl...hehehe...i can't help but smile really. I know the HIM and the YOU in the poem, hahaha. This is really a good post for a 100th entry in your blog. Congratulations! A love story unfolded in blogland. I was there as witnessed of how those guys going head over heels for you. I knew so many love story during those times and I can say, yours is really a fairy tale come true. Imagine the wedding reception held in a very expensive hotels in our city, with the knights who give your way like a princess. You deserve to be happy my friend.

Anonymous said...

cooks, thanks for sharing your love story.. though taas2 cya, wala nako nabantayan. nalingaw ko sa imo narrative. i think nag pay-off imo pagka choosy... true love can really wait. God bless you and Glenn more! may you see many more years and children together. hugs!