Friday, November 21, 2008

Letting Go is the Hardest Thing To Do

Okay, okay, I finally did it. I thought about this for many times but now, it's final!

Hey, I’m actually talking about my template. I love my old template, even the very first one (which my husband accidentally changed it). But this time, I have to let go of my cutesy, flowery, green template. Because if you noticed, my left sidebar was already crowded. So, might as well look for a 3-column template to have a clearer and 'spacious' view in my blog.

So, bear with me for the meantime because I am going to arrange the layout. If your names did not appear yet on my bloglist, don't worry, I had them saved already. And I'll be putting them right back in here. If you have messages and there's no cbox yet, just leave them at the comments section in my blog. Promise, I'll visit you back!

(currently: I'm still debating which template is better. I have 2 choices here..sigh)

1 comment:

Phebie said...

Congrats Coks, nice imo blog it...girly ghapon...