Saturday, August 23, 2008


(Kukai's creation @ Polyvore: Ready For The Ball)

When I’m online, I usually check my emails at Yahoo or Gmail, then see if I have messages from my Friendster and Facebook accounts. I do my researches online, too, to update me of what's new in the Nursing world. And since I’ve been a blogger for some months already, my day is not complete without checking my blog and my online friends’ blogs, too. Recently, Polyvore was introduced to me by my friend – and I got hooked on it right away. It was really fun doing virtual shopping. I never thought that it would feel like I was really shopping some fancy designer clothes, hehe. And I’ve realized that doing this releases my stress, too. As of now, I’ve created a set not only for myself but for my husband and daughter, too.

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Anonymous said...

nice to know that cooks....i know you are so keen in fashion world...