Saturday, August 23, 2008

Firsts And Currently Doing

Thank you Darling for this tag.


1. First piercing – When I was in my first grade

2. First best friend – Charlotte

3. First award – 3rd place (Dean’s list)

4. First crush – Ralph Macchio (the Karate Kid - where is he now?)

5. First pet – Kit (puppy)

6. First big vacation – can’t remember. We’ve been moving around a lot since I was a kid.


7. Eating – Green mango (with toyo & salt, hehe)

8. Drinking - Water

9. I’m about to - post this tag...

10. Listening to – Shark tale (Chloe's currently watching)

11. Plans for today – stay home

12. Waiting for – noodles to get cooked

13. Want kid/s – Chloe’s asking for a baby sister

14. Want to get married – already did my vow

15. Careers in mind – Saving Lives…Designer...Put up some business…etc.


Shemah said...

hahaha.. I adored Ralph Macchio too!! Who didn't??? But I think I had a huger crush on Kirk Cameron! LOL!

So, does this mean I have to do this too?? hahaha.. okay, okay.. I'll try to get this done soon! :)

Bridget said...

What a cute idea for a post!