Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I’ve just watched the movie last night, to think this was shown 3 or 4 years ago. But it was worth the wait. If I’d watched this movie 3 or 4 years ago, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it since I’d be very biased against Angelina Jolie. You see at that time, I felt Angie was the cause of separation between Brad & Jen’s marital bliss. I liked Angelina as an actress, but being the cause of somebody else’s breakup made me detest her (even though she kept on denying the allegations). However, as the time passed, things change and we also have a change of heart. I can’t abhor her forever; especially since most of Angelina’s movies were blockbusters. I eventually forgot my disgust about the Jolie-Pitts relationship. So finally, I decided to watch their ‘controversial’ movie. And mind you, I really appreciated the show and found out how good-looking they were together. I shouldn’t be surprised if one was attracted to another (again, even though they kept on denying it). I really enjoyed watching the movie. The story was unique and despite the heavy action, I had not a few laughs, too. I totally forgive Angelina and I’m putting her back in my pedestal again :)

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Shemah said...

I felt the exact same way about Angie then and Angie now. Things weren't meant to be with Brad and Jen and ended up beautifully well with Brad and Angie. So might as well be happy about it right?

And yeah, the movie was illogical but greatly done! I liked it.. the chemistry was there.. it happened and stop denying it already, those two! LOL!