Thursday, June 19, 2008

Picture Perfect

These pictures I posted were taken last year, March 23, 2007, to be exact. It was the wedding of my older brother and my sister in law.

I SO LOVE this picture not only because my little Chloe was on it but of how it was taken. I commend the photographer for coming up with a pose so unique. If anyone had no inkling about it, people would think that these pair were mother and daughter looking lovingly to each other. But my little Chloe loved every minute of their photo op especially with her Tita Bogie.

I like the silhouette effect that served as their background. It created a dramatic effect and a sense of tranquility and the result was amazing. I was even hoping to have these pictures published to any wedding magazine but I don't know where and how. So meantime, I will just use my blog to post their picture perfect pose.


Bogie said...

wow... naa lagi ko diri. he.he.he. I also like this picture :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, so your Chloe's mom! :)..we always admire your pretty daughter whenever we see Bogie's wedding photos.. She's just adorable!

uy by the way, I'm bogie's aunty/cousin diay :)