Thursday, June 19, 2008

My girl...growing up

School just started and I can’t believe that my baby Chloe is now in Kinder 1. How time flies so fast because the baby I used to carry is turning 5 years old next month. Recently, there are so many changes I’ve noticed in her. Unlike last year when she was in Nursery, she had so many fears and one of them was her fear of dark places. This time, I am so glad that she had surpassed it. Last weekend, we tried bringing her to a movie house where we watched Kung Fu Panda. The movie was so kid-friendly and even adults like us, Chloe’s mom & dad, enjoyed the movie and had a full laugh out of it. However, at first, I was concerned how Chloe would reacted as we entered the dark room but she seem to be enjoying and even blurted out “Wow” so loud that we have to tell her to lower her voice. She was also examining her surroundings, looking what was under her seat that I have to explain to her what she was seeing. Anyway, we all had a good time inside the movie house and my little girl is already looking forward on what movie she will watch next.

Another fear that seemed to vanish was her fear of odd objects, especially ugly objects. Before, she could not even look or touch a toy snake but now, she loves picking it up. Halloween party last year was almost a disaster because she didn’t like her classmates’ witch costume & all, but now, she’s already looking forward on their Halloween costume party. She kept on reminding me to buy her a costume of Ursula, the Sea witch in Ariel the Little Mermaid. She wanted to be an octopus with plenty of tentacles. And I don’t know where would I ever find that! Well, things really change. I just hope that everything slows down a little bit. But hey! The world is evolving, time is running and everything is growing so I might as well enjoy every moment of it especially my time with my little angel Chloe.

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