Friday, April 18, 2008


"How sweet it is to be loved by you"

These two little angels are first cousins. Born 5 months apart, Kirky boy and Chloe girl are fond with each other even though they don’t get to see and play each day. Chloe calls Kirky boy, Cousin Kirk. And Kirk calls Chloe, Cousin Chloe. They sounded really cute.

Only 5 years old, Kirky told Chloe not to be afraid of things that scares her because he is there to punch it, he, he. I could just imagine the circumstances when they will both grow up. Chloe now has her bodyguard and Kirky’s there to watch for her.

But at this time, we, their parents just enjoy every moment watching them, playing together, making noise together and striking a pose for the camera while my sister in-law took these pictures of them worthy to be saved.


Bogie said...

Soooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

cute babies