Monday, June 13, 2022

Planning To Buy a Car This Year

It has been over two years since COVID-19 affected the lives of so many people all over the world. Many had lost friends and relatives to the pandemic. Many had also lost their jobs, while others lost their properties. Many plans had been cancelled or postponed since priorities had changed.

These days, though, most people are trying to get things back to normal, or rather adapting to the “new normal”. Businesses have slowly opened and schools are welcoming back their students to face-to-face learning. However, others are still recovering from the impact of pandemic which has changed their lives for the past two years.

In the country I live in, the economy has not been doing that well. Many people are struggling to get stable jobs or trying to budget their finances so that it meets their meager income. Spending wisely, therefore, is the key.

Since the pandemic started, my husband and I have been putting a lot of plans on hold, and that includes our plan to purchase a new car. We had decided to prioritize the immediate needs of the family first, especially our children’s education, putting food on the table and paying our monthly bills.

So far, we were able to manage our priorities well for the past couple of years, and right now we are welcoming again the idea of purchasing a new car, or upgrading our small vehicle to a much bigger one. There are still many things to be considered, though. We have decided that we can either buy a brand vehicle or one that is slightly used. We also much preferred a vehicle that would be very fuel-efficient, especially since, recently, prices of gasoline and diesel have been drastically increasing almost every two weeks. And lastly, we also have to consider how much monthly payment or amortization we can afford, should we secure a car loan from the bank, and there is also the matter of downpayment. I was quite confused at first and had no idea on how much we should set aside financially for this. Thankfully, we came across which helped us get the projected price of the car that we could afford and we were able to make monthly schedule for car payment.

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