Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Today I Celebrate....

Turned a year older today, and a year wiser...and here I am, trying to let go of my baggages from two years ago. Slowly, I am trying to move forward. Healing is a process and I take it one day at a time. Although I am a person who never easily forgets, but moving on means I also have to forgive... Okay, maybe I still have a lot of trust issues and it is not that easy on my part because most of the time I kept silent. But I have to do this, not for other people's sake but for myself.

I am not a perfect human being, I have a lot of flaws. However, I do not like to live in lies. I am not even pretentious and if you ask me for an honest opinion, you might not like my brutally frank answer. That is why, I'd rather be silent. So if you ask me, be ready for my answer, lol. 

Anyways, I am celebrating my life today. It is my day. I should be thankful to the One who gave me this life. I am thankful for my parents. And I am thankful for those people who stood by me not only during my best days but as well on my bad or worst moments. And I came to a conclusion, that I will no longer try to please others. If they/you do not like me, it is NOT my problem anymore.

So, today, I will not allow anyone to ruin my day just like what happened two years ago or even years or months before that. Instead, I will focus on the good things, focus to the who cares for me, focus on what God has given me which I was blind to see and focus on what truly matters - my family, those who truly cared for me without judgment, my own self, and my relationship to God.

As I've said to myself before, life is a journey. And everyday is a learning process. I cannot solve it right away but every single step is better than nothing at all.

C'est la vie! 💗

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