Monday, December 13, 2021

Beatrice Luigi Gomez Places Top 5 in Miss Universe Held in Eilat, Israel

Hello everyone.... Happy December!

First of all, congratulations to Miss India for winning Miss Universe 2021 held in Israel today. A very deserving winπŸ’“ 

I was inactive from my social media accounts for awhile but that doesn't mean I am totally out of touch from the outside world. I still get updates from other sources, from Google or from YouTube (if I wanted to, lol). And I do check my Instagram from time to time but only for a short while.

Anyways, Miss Universe 2021 just concluded this morning in our country (last night from your country) and I was just happy with the result especially to our Miss Philippines delegate, Beatrice Luigi Gomez. I have to admit that I love watching the MU pageant since I don't remember when 😊 But ever since our country started to place again in the top 5, 10 or 21 (and often winning), it become more fun to watch every year. And even if I have other favorites, I have always supported our own delegate and always rooted for her because, hey, she's representing our country ;-)

But it is just sad to know that a lot of my fellowmen are more focused on the negative side to the point of bashing our own candidate. I even felt bad for our 2020 candidate because people expected too much from her, telling her to do this and that to the point of pressuring her. In the end, she broke down.

So, for our 2021 candidate, I am glad that she is not that super active in social media or she might read comments that might affect her mental health.

Another thing, some of this so-called pageant experts are criticizing Bea for not giving them the things that they are looking for. I have visited some of their sites on YT and I have realized that they are looking for a contestant to give them the kind of looks or faces or that kind of  twist or twirl that they wanted because that is their criteria of winning. Seriously?! Glad you are not the judges if that is the case because if what you are only looking for in all pageants, they will become boring and nothing exciting to look forward to. I am so tired hearing from some of saying "give me the fierce look" or "smize". If I were to recall, that is so 2015. Pia Wurtzbach already gave us that. In 2018, Catriona Grey gave us that. It may still work these days but okay, enough of that, please? Let them make it different from each other. That's the judges' jobs, okay? Not yours -- yes you πŸ‘€.

For Bea not to do all those things to satisfy you during preliminary competition (yes, you "pageant experts" who are so demanding), that was actually good for some of us. So what if she smiled a lot? In this time of Pandemic, I would prefer to look at someone who smiles a lot or could light up the whole place just by smiling at me to lift my spirit up.

I will not talk that much anymore because I am already satisfied with Bea placing in the top5 and proving her critics wrong. It's hard to put a good woman down and you cannot just beat that.

Most of all, don't be too harsh on any candidates if you are making a review. You can give critics but you have no right to say that their performance is very weak and no energy. If you thought you are helping them, you are NOT. Some of them already suffered enough so, stop it!

Lift. Them. Up!

If you have a platform like YT where you have plenty of followers, be careful of what comes out from your mouth especially if you are not even present at the event. That is why, it's nice listening to Siera Bearchell or Dani Walker because they give subtle criticisms to think they have an experience competing on an international beauty pageants so their opinions are more legit. They also know the feeling of each contestant. So, for those who can't hold back their tongues, I wish you were the ones competing on the stage and let's see. Lessen your arrogance for once. You don't have the right to harshly criticize the candidates (unless they do something horrible). If you keep doing that, it will come back to you. And don't blame your viewers if they criticize you, too, coz you ask it yourself.

Again, congratulations to Miss Philippines and may you continue to be your authentic self. Top 5 is a big feat so we are celebrating with you πŸ₯‚

**Sorry for some errors coz I am in a hurry and have other things to do. I will come back later to edit**

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