Sunday, November 21, 2021

Confidence Is The Key

I used to work-out during my younger days to keep myself fit. I was young, single and working six-days a week then and going to a fitness center was my way of relaxation. As time passed, I got married and eventually had kids. These days, time is a leisure so I don't do workouts anymore. I am more focused on my family, my kids and online job. Gone were the days where I felt physically fit. But I also did not imagine that this day would come that I will be in need a shapewear. I am not that big, though, but it's just that my body is not anymore proportion. I went to the mall a few days ago and the the first thing I was looking for was their best shapewear for tummy and waist

For a slightly slim figure, my tummy just ruined my chances of wearing cocktail dresses or fitted clothes these days. Gee, I really have to find ways on how to reduce this but I guess buying items that would make my tummy flat for a day would not hurt. The saleslady at the mall was kind enough to show me some of their products. She suggested that I try their full body shaper that controls more on the tummy. I did try it and it fits perfectly fine. Glad it was not that expensive, too, and without thinking twice, I bought it. They have beige and black colors available but I chose the latter one.

But before I went to the mall, I actually checked online about shapewears so that it would not take me a lot of time looking for what I really wanted. Airslim shapewear was also nice and I thought of looking for it at the store. However, the products were only available online and they were only limited stocks according to the saleslady at the mall. Anyway, if you are also interested, you can also this online. It comes in different sizes and colors. I might even order one of these days as a gift for myself. It is for my own confidence so I do not quite feel bad about it ;-)

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