Monday, October 4, 2021

Two Peas in a Pod

My 2 babies are now big...if only I could freeze or turn back time, however, still grateful that they are now "grown-ups" compared to the time when I need to wake up every now and then to feed them and change their diapers, lol.

Parenting my kids is not an easy job and I know a lack a lot when it comes to this category. I am not a perfect mom or an ideal mom coz I really discipline my kids. I am not the type to let their mistakes slide. But I do hope that the time will come that they will understand why I do this. I don't want them to grow up spoiled, rude and unkind to others.

My worry right now is my eldest child. I wish we had a more ideal mom-and-daughter kind of relationship but despite what she felt towards me, I always pray to God that she will be guided to the right path. I guess, as of now, I will try my best to understand her being a teenager. I know I am also quite strict on her but this is actually for her own good. But I wish I have another or better way of doing it that's effective for the teenagers these days.

My youngest child will always be the baby in the family. She has speech delay and still with on-going speech therapy but she's actually trying her best also. Proud to say she's on regular school and is catching up. I used to cry a lot years ago after she was diagnosed with a mild form of asd but glad I decided to get up, help my child instead of listening to criticisms and some unsolicited advice. It was for this reason that turned me into a stay-at-home mom. Although it was frustrating not having an income of my own but seeing my youngest child improved a lot mentally, socially, emotionally was satisfying on my part. She even excelled in some aspects which later surprised me.

Anyways, just sharing of how my kids been lately. If you have been a follower of my blog more than a decade ago, you know that I used to update about my kids especially my eldest. Later on, I tried to lessen my updates about them for personal and security reasons, and that includes my other social media accounts. I will just update from time to time or if I wanted to. So for today, I'm just letting you know that now, they're big! 

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