Friday, August 20, 2021

Chloe - A Decade and Eight

Our eldest daughter celebrated her 18th birthday a month ago. We had many plans about her upcoming debut, but we let go of many ideas because of the pandemic. Still, we continued to plan but then our city was placed under MECQ, we ended up limiting our guests, our planned activities, and everything. We thought of having a small party in an open area until we decided to celebrate it at my brother's place, with immediate family members only. However, two days before her birthday, our city was placed under ECQ (or lockdown), so having parties with more than 5 people was prohibited, and kids below 18 were not allowed to go out. We have no choice but to cancel everything but decided at the last minute to still celebrate our first-born daughter's birthday even though it was only the four of us at home.

Our daughter, however, was not so keen on having birthday parties anymore. She loved parties when she was a kid, but now she preferred to have a simple and quiet birthday. She was even relieved she doesn't have to experience cotillion or be presented to a huge crowd. It was a blessing in disguise on her part, lol. 

These days, celebrations are done virtually. I contacted some of her friends to make a short video message for her, and glad they agreed. I wish I could reach more friends, but I was also worried the video might last an hour, hehe. Family members also participated, and for that, I am grateful. 

Anyway, sharing this video as a tribute to her. Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful and inspiring messages and for sharing your unique talents 💓

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