Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Top Things Professional Cleaners Spot That You Miss

Have you ever wondered why so many people go to the trouble of hiring cleaners when they could just do the work themselves? A cleaning crew is not only trained to clean well, but a second set of eyes also finds the things you might miss. Here are a few secret spots they know about that you don't.

Your Dirty Baseboards

After you've lived in a house for many years, you become oblivious to grime that builds up over time. When a maid service Clarksburg MD comes in, one of the things they'll be looking at are your baseboards. You might be shocked to see the build-up of dust and spills you never noticed. This can happen to anyone, no matter how clean they are.

Tops of Doors

When was the last time you got up on a ladder and checked the top of your doors? Cleaning people know there's usually a nice, thick layer of dirt sitting over your door or frame, just begging to be removed. Heavy dust anywhere in the home isn't good for allergies and you don't want it accumulating even if you can't see it.

Mysterious Hand Prints

Speaking of doors, you may not have noticed the black stains where you have been pushing a door open for years. If you look closely, you'll see the filthy remains of hand prints. Cleaners know all about these marks on doors, walls and even light switches.

Under Your Sink

Odds are you have a sparkling sink because it's so easy to see and clean. An experienced cleaner knows that you probably missed the underside of the sink's rim. That's where yellow soap scum tends to form and many people miss it. Your cleaning crew knows and they will eliminate it.

Obscure Areas

Most everyone has missed these obscure areas that can get dirty without anyone noticing. It just means you're living an active life. Cleaning professionals know this and their impeccable skills are why so many people hire them.

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