Monday, December 9, 2019

Ways to Thank Clients

When you’d like to show your appreciation for regular customers who purchase goods or services from your company, it may be difficult to find a gesture that’s professional and not overly personal. Strike the right balance with tokens that express your thankfulness to maintain your stellar working relationship and inspire loyalty for years to come.

Give Gifts

If you have customers that visit your shop on a regular basis, thank them with a treat when they walk through the door. A t-shirt, individually-wrapped corporate cookies Atlanta, a reusable water bottle or a lightweight cotton tote featuring your company logo would all be welcomed by clients. As a bonus, the giveaways will also serve as advertisements for your business as people use them in public.

Offer Perks

Give your clients benefits that will not only show your appreciation but also boost your business. Create a customer loyalty program such as a punch card system that offers a free item or discount after someone purchases a certain number of items or dollars’ worth of merchandise. You can also offer a structure that enables people to earn points for purchases and redeem them for sample-sized products, company swag or full-sized items and deep discounts as they reach higher tiers.

Reward Followers

Companies hoping to build more of a presence on social media can offer customer appreciation gifts for those who follow them on Twitter or Instagram, for example. Post a raffle offering entry for posting a comment or tagging a friend and choose a winner at random. You can also offer a hidden code in a photo that clients can find or a phrase that they can utter in person at the store to receive a discount.
Thanking your customers for their loyalty is an important way to improve communication and encourage their continued business. The effort you put into a sincere gesture can pay off with an even more successful relationship in the future.

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