Friday, March 9, 2018

My Daughter's First Promenade

This is my beautiful daughter Chloe attending her Prom for the first time. If you are a follower of my (this) blog, I guess you have seen my old posts about her. She was this bubbly little girl that I was fond of posting in my blog. But how time flies. She's not a little girl anymore but transformed into a young lady. I could not even believe what my eyes were seeing on that day. In one blink she's not the baby I used to hold and cuddle anymore. Now, she has her own world, so distant from mine. Sometimes, it's even hard to talk to her...teens (sigh).

But going back to my topic, Chloe had her prom exactly a month ago. Their theme was Vintage Hollywood that's why she donned her hair that way. Kudos to her make-up and hair stylist for achieving her look. We all loved it!

She also had a small part in their program but still proud of her, coz out of the hundred students, she was handpicked to represent the Symbol of Arts.

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