Saturday, January 6, 2018

Make The Kids Kuto-Free with Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo

Pediculosis or Head lice (or Kuto in Filipino language) are rampant in children aged 4-12 years old. Head lice are common problems the parents encounter especially to young girls with long hair. Boys can have it, too, even to girls with short hair. You will know if your kids have it if they kept scratching their heads because of itchiness. Head lice can spread by close contact or by sharing personal belongings like combs, hair accessories, beddings, towels, clothings, etc. To be safe, better tell your kids not to share these things to others and use only their own.

A lot of us, parents, are familiar with suyod. A comb that can help remove head lice. However, not all can be eliminated so we must look for a better remedy to instantly eradicate these blood-sucking 'creatures' in the head.

And it's good to know that some schools and communities nationwide took part of the launching of Nationwide Oplan Alis Kuto as part of its KilusangKontraKuto to educate the public about the infestation of head lice. With the help of LiceAliz Head Lice Treatment shampoo, children will be kuto-free if applied properly.

In my previous post, Licealiz Battles Head Lice Infestation in Mindanao With KilusangKontraKuto, you will know how this campaign already worked in some parts of the country.

For more information on head lice prevention and treatment, visit Licealiz’s Facebook page at

P.S. Thank you LiceAliz for sending me these items last Christmas. My whole household benefited a lot from these. Wishing you more success and hope to see more kids free from head lice :-)

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