Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Congrats Zoe!

This is my little girl, Zoe, who was, surprisingly declared as Champion for their Spelling Bee contest. She is currently in grade 1. Why I said surprisingly? Because she never told us that she won. But there was more to that story...

Zoe has speech delay. However, she's able to cope up with her lessons, she is still at par with her grade level. Her only difficulty is conversing with other people. She talks to me, of course, but her sentence construction is not like the common 7-year-olds. She's currently enrolled in a Therapy center that helps her with her language skills.

So, to be chosen as one of the representatives in their section (there were 2 of them in their section, 10 all in all for grade 1 level) for Spelling Bee was more than enough for us. But winning 1st place was something else!

But I was a bit sad that I never knew she won coz she didn't tell me. I didn't watch coz I thought we were not allowed, but actually we were. Only that, at the back of my mind, I might distract my child's concentration if ever I watch so I just waited for someone to tell me how she did during quiz bee...but no one approached or told me. So, I assumed she didn't win.

But then, I also thought that maybe (just maybe) she got a place coz in fairness to Zoe, she's good in Spelling. She has this sharp mind that she could easily recall the words, and spelling is one of her strengths in English subject. She never even got a mistake in spelling quiz in their class.

So, it was only the following day that I learned that my daughter won and the teacher congratulated me because Zoe was the champion! But looking at Zoe's expression, I don't even know if it was a big deal for her because she just smiled and continue doing her thing, lol.

To our dear Zoe, Congratulations! I always thanked God for you. Thank you for giving sunshine to our lives. You brighten us up always. We love you so much and looking forward for more 'adventures' with you.

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